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Digital Hub ™ is a data science platform that brings the most current open source technologies together all in one place. 

The platform was built by data scientists for data scientists, engineers, programmers, and subject matter experts. Find out why it was created here, along with how you and your teams can leverage it in data science projects.

We asked our users why they love Digital Hub™ platform? Here is what they said:

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How to choose a Digital Hub™ Plan?

Choose a plan best suited for your team structure: If you are a team of one, Individual plan is your best option. If you wish to bring more people to your projects, go with the Teams plan.

  • If you think you will need more hours and storage along the way,  you can always top them off!
  • See our FAQ for more information on top offs.


Hoda liked 2 years ago
While working on the client projects there were several hiccups that would divert my focus from the actual insight generation.
For instance,
1. Limitation on the processing power
2. Missing track of trained ML model version
3. Managing the python packages and other open-source tool integrations

and more.
With a lot of overhead taken care by the Digital Hub, my time is well utilized. Check out this article on how DigitalHub can eliminate these roadblocks.
Birinder liked 2 years ago
A really good read on what is Digital Hub™ platform and how it is designed to remove barriers data scientists and their teams face during projects.